Retreats in 2020

Detoxify with Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation
If You feel stressed, disembodied and always wanted to learn more about meditation and yoga on a deeper level, this 7-day retreat in a peaceful ayurveda resort is the right choice for you.
Our program includes 2 daily yogaclasses , 2hrs daily pranayama & meditation, some periods in silence & group workshops.
You can book Your personal ayurvedic treatment in addition, according to your needs and body condition.

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Explore different styles of Yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Yoga Nidra 
Suitable for beginner and more advanced students, this retreat takes you on a journey into different styles of asana-practice, meditation and relaxation techniques, so that you can find out, which is the best way to practice for your individual body & mind.
Our program includes 2 daily yogaclasses, 2hrs daily pranayama & meditation, teachings in yoga philosophy & Tibetan Buddhism, personal question & answer sessions with the teachers
Prices including brunch, free water, tea, juice:
$830,- (Single occupancy hut) / $1503 (Double Occupancy hut) 
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Dharmakaya 2hrs Intensive Workshops

Each workshop-module contains a 90min dharmakaya-yoga class + certain extra-elements according to the topic of the workshop (philosophic lectures, special meditation-techniques, deep relaxation practice, group discussion, creative techniques

Next dates: 2.&16.5, 6.&27.6, 29.8 location: Eltersports

  • Introduction into tantric practices: Working with your Sankalpa, Yoga Nidra
  • Metta & Maitri: Develop love and compassion for yourself and others, heartopening yoga & meditation practices
  • Dancing Warrior: Develop self-confidence and smile at your fear
  • Understanding karma: Overcoming and letting go of your past to create the future you want
  • Yin & Yang: Experience the paradoxical nature of non-duality in which each element contains its apparent opposite, each movement is introduced and superseded by a countermovement, and the supremacy of the thinking mind is replaced by pure awareness.