Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, YinYoga, Tantrayoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Philosophy

In this retreat, we offer you the opportunity to experience the foundational practices of the main teachings of yoga asana, philosophy and meditation, to help you developing your personal path to mental & physical health and ultimate happiness.

February 1.-7.2 & 15.-21.2.2020


Single occupancy hut (garden view) – 7 nights including brunch, free water, tea, juice, 6 days of yoga program: 57.200 IR / 746,- EUR / 830,- USD
Double Occupancy hut (garden view) – 7 nights including brunch, free water, tea, juice, 6 days of yoga program: 103.500 IR / 1350 EUR / 1503 USD

daily schedule (timetable can be slightly changed)
7:00 – 7:30 Meditation
8:00 – 9:30 Yoga (Hatha Flow, Vinyasa or Ashtanga)
10:00 Brunch
Free Time
5:00 – 6:00 Restorative Yoga (Yin or restorative Hatha)
6:00 – 7:00 Group Session (Philosophy, or general Q&A)
7:00 – 7:30 Sunset Meditation

Detailed description of the retreat focus

This retreat has the aim to present you the multiple styles and approaches to yoga and meditation, so that you will learn to combine your own toolbox of techniques, which you can apply to your daily life at home, according to your personal needs.
Every person has a different body and mind and there is no general teaching, which is suitable for everybody.
Each morning starts with a guided group meditation either on the beach or in the yoga shala.
You will learn the foundational techniques of mindfulness, vipassana and tantra in stages, so that by the end of the week you will be able to practice meditation on your own in your everyday-life.
After the meditation we will practice a strong 90 minutes yoga session
You will be teached in the different styles of Vinyasa, Hatha Flow or Ashtangha Yoga.
In the afternoons we will move into the restorative practices to relax body and mind
In these sessions, you will experience the releasing power of Yin& restorative Hatha Yoga, so that you will learn to release mental & physical blockages, detoxify your connective tissues and come into a state of total relaxation
Each day ends with a calming sunset-meditation session either at the beach or in the yoga shala, in which you will learn how to deeply relax with the techniques of YogaNidra, somatic meditations in the lying down position, or mantra chanting


grew up in a family with a long yoga tradition, practices since he was 4 years old and teaches for more than 10 years students from all over the world. He is currently working on his PhD in Yoga and has a deep knowledge of all styles of asana-practice, yoga-philosophy, meditation, cleansing techniques and mantra chanting. His long-time teaching experience enables him to approach the personal physical needs of each student and help each person in a gentle way to overcome the different blockages of body&mind.

Detoxify with Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation

If You feel stressed, disembodied and always wanted to learn more about meditation and yoga on a deeper level, this 7-day retreat in a peaceful ayurveda resort is the right choice for you. Our program includes 2 daily yogaclasses , 2hrs daily pranayama & meditation, some periods in silence & group workshops.

The unique combination of techniques are coming from backgrounds of traditional hatha, yin-& tantrayoga, Tibetan Buddhism and modern coaching and will be teached in a profound way, suitable for all levels of experience.

You can book Your personal ayurvedic treatment in addition, according to your needs and body condition.

Date: 24.-30.1.2020

$645 (Single hut) / $845 (Shared bungalow)

Early Bird (booked before Nov 1st): $600 (Single hut) / $800 (Shared bungalow)

Included: 3 freshly homecooked ayurvedic meals/ day
Not included: individual ayurvedic treatment
You can book your place for $250 deposit

Location & Booking:

Detailed description of the retreat focus

The daily practices of 2hrs yoga-asana, pranayama, meditation and self-inquirie, combined with a healthy ayurvedic nutrition will create a detoxifying journey into the depths of your body and mind, to clean yourself from physical and mental blockages, which are the causes of mental & physical pain. In our safe space you can release and let go the negative patterns, which prevent you from living the life you want to live. Learning how to completely relax your body and mind in every situation of life is the key, which opens your heart for feelings of (self-)acceptance, appreciation and generosity, instead of fighting through your days with aggression, (self-) judgement, fear and tremendous physical and mental tension.

After this retreat You will feel rejuvenated, powerful and confident and learned how to use the techniques of yoga, meditation and a healthy nutrition to keep a powerful and happy condition in your daily life.

Typical Daily Retreat-Schedule
6:00-7:00: Pranayama with bandhas and mudras followed by mantra meditation (Seda Shambhavi)
7:15– 8.30: Gentle Vinyasa Yoga Therapy (Seda Shambhavi)
9am – 10:00: Breakfast
10:00 -16:00: Free time for Ayurvedic massage or gentle nourishing treatments and self-care
Lunch is served between 13:30 and 14:30
16:00-16:45 : Sharing inner and external experiences, asking questions in a circle
17:00-17:40: Meditation session (Julia)
18:00-19:00: Yin Yoga (Julia)
19:00: dinner
20:00 -21:00: Yoga Nidra / Meditation in shala or at beach (Seda Shambhavi / Julia)
22:00: lights out

Noble Silence / Mauna
We recommend to keep silence and enjoy your own company during the meal times and the time after dinner till after breakfast . During these time you can bring any issue to course instructors, Julia and Seda Shambhavi. One day would be in total silence.

Detailed meditation program

Day 1: Earth descending in lying down position – deep relaxation & healing
To learn how to intentionally relax your mind & body, which is crucial for a deep & fulfilling meditation practice in the seated posture, we start in the lying down position and use certain breathing & visualization techniques to come in contact with the body and its soma. You start to release tension & blockages, which are unprocessed experiences and emotions and in this way let the body start to heal itself
Day 2: Working with the seated posture – Shamatha/mindfulness meditation
After we have learned how relaxation of body & mind actually feels, and how we can use our awareness to release tension, we build our seated posture in a relaxed way and start to focus our awareness on the breath
The second part of this session will be a guided meditation on the clarity and infinity of the mind, where we learn to watch our thoughts and emotions, without getting involved with them
Day 3: Cultivate ultimate wisdom in understanding the nature of reality – Vipassana
After we learned how to relax in our posture, calm the mind by focusing on the breath, we experience the ever-changing nature of reality in direct experience by learning how to systematically scan the body and observe the upcoming sensations, always looking for tension and releasing it with the already learned techniques of breath, visualization and awareness
Day 4: Opening the heart, cultivating self-love – Metta
Well prepared & able to sit with a relaxed body & mind experiencing & observing the impermanence of life, we will start to opening the heart with the loving-kindness technique.
To be able to cultivate compassion and give love to others, we first have to learn how to love ourselves as we really are without judgement. This guided meditation will be your ultimate tool whenever you feel insecure, experience difficulties in your relationships or just need a big dose of loving-kindness
Day 5: Free your mind from the judgmental egotistic drives – Reflections on equanimity
In this guided analytical meditation, we experience & understand how the ego produces judgement towards ourselves and others
This meditation has the aim to understand how our ego is building its own prison which separates us from the love and compassion we want to experience in our relationships
Day 6: Love & Silent day: Cultivating love & compassion for others – Metta
After we learned how to use this meditation to make peace with ourselves & rest in the always available source of self-love, we open our hearts further and learn how to give our compassionate love to others – even to those people, to whom we might feel resistance or have some difficulties with. Learning this technique and practicing it regularly will change the whole atmosphere around you and heal your relationships.
Day 7: Freeing Yourself and others from sorrow & suffering – Tonglen
With this visualization technique coming from Tantra-Buddhism you will learn how to free yourself & others from negativity, pain, depression and suffering


Seda Shambhavi

started yoga in Istanbul at Ananda Marga Yoga centre in 1985 during her University years. Since then yoga has always been in her life with its different limbs at different density and even though she tried different disciplines like Tai Chi or T.M. afterwards she settled down with yoga as a life style since 1998 and decided to live her life around yoga.
She had the opportunity to be trained by and work with renowned international yoga, meditation and ayurveda teachers like Swami Govinanda, H.H. Dalai Lama, Claire Missingham, Rod Stryker, Dr. David Frawley, Paul Grilley, Ganesh Mohan, Jeff Oliver, Kia Miller, Gurmukh Kalsa Kaur, Ashley Turner and many more. All this knowledge and experience enabled her to create her own style of yoga which is holistic yoga. Holistic yoga addresses to all koshas (bodies) of humanbeing and comprises all limbs of Hatha Yoga. Since she has been trained as a yoga therapist, hormone yoga therapist and also trauma informed yoga therapist over the last 3 years, she has started to work with small yoga therapy groups and one to one basis with people who have significant health issues. She is also training holistic yoga and hormone yoga therapy teachers over the last 3 years.
She will be teaching vinyasa style (based in holistic yoga) yoga therapy sessions during the retreat and adjust the strength and the pace depending on the group’s needs and wants.
Seda Shambhavi ERYT500-YACEP /